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Make React child components render from parent function

I am currently trying to do something similar to this answer.
Essentially, I have a parent function that passes children down as props, for example:
var App = React.createClass({
child: function (props) {
return {props.child};
render: function () {
return (



I then have a child function that passes any props it receives down as a prop, and the child component renders the props.
var Home = React.createClass({
render: function () {
return (



However, I am having trouble getting the function to render correctly. I think my problem lies with how the render function is being called, i.e. this is not the same as the context inside the child function when it is being rendered.
Does anyone know how to fix this? I did try to use this.props.children as the return value, however, this didn’t work either.


The render function of Home does not have access to the new props that the child component receives. If you have access to the parent component, you should use props.context.children (access it from the render method by this.props.context).


What’s the best way to add border to button dynamically?

What would be the best way to add border to a button (or a similar UI widget that I might add dynamically)?
I need a way to give it a thick border, a light-col


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