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Computers read and write data to and from the hard disk drive. A typical hard disk drive consists of a spinning media (a disk platter or media) attached to a head. A read head detects whether a magnetic field is on or off in a particular track of the media, and a write head either flips the polarity of that field or “pits” the surface.
It turns out that in a computer, digital data is stored inside bits of information that can be encoded as either 1s or 0s. Each bit of a byte has eight potential values, e.g. the value of 1 in the first bit of a byte is either a 0 or a 1; the value of 0 in the second bit is either a 0 or a 1; etc. A hard disk drive must include the capability to be able to read and write to one of the bits at any point in time. In actual fact, since a drive might be reading or writing a bit at any moment, the drive must store a complete set of instructions for all possible reading and writing operations.

The hard disk drive’s head and read/write electronics and the media are typically enclosed in a “head-gimbal assembly” that sits atop the media. While the head-gimbal assembly usually moves with respect to the media, a head actuator moves the head. In moving the head, the disk drive moves either the head from one media track to another or the head closer to or further from the media.

Disk drives that read and write data to and from the media as described above are known as “hard disk drives.” Hard disk drives also generally read and write data to and from the media, but in addition the hard disk drive can also be connected to other components that are also separate from the main head and media assembly. The main assembly has a disk rotating below the head-gimbal assembly. The disk itself is spun by a drive motor that is directly or indirectly controlled by the main assembly. The main assembly also has a head that moves over the surface of the disk with a very high rate of speed. The rate of the head’s motion relative to the disk’s surface is many times greater than the speed of the disk’s rotation. As a result, the head glides over the disk’s surface almost in a fixed path.

Most of the components of a hard disk drive assembly are electrically connected to a printed circuit board that in turn is electrically connected to the drive electronics in the main


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