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Subjunctive clause after “the situation”

I have a grammatical problem here.
My statement is :

He got on the first plane that left the airport.

I would like to add a subjunctive clause, like:

I would like him to leave (or that he leave) the first plane that left (the airport)

I have searched and all I could find was subjunctive clauses after “at the time” or “before the time”.


The subjunctive cannot follow a time expression such as at the time. The best you can do is:

I would like him to leave on the first plane that left the airport

You cannot use subjunctive when you use an infinitive (manner) clause at the end of the sentence:

I would like him to leave on the first plane to leave the airport.

Subjunctive clause has to follow a verb; a verb cannot use a subjunctive clause. The best you can do is:

I would like him to leave the first plane that left.

This is a very precise example of how a rotation can affect and make more sense of football.

The point here is that the Heat had the opportunity to capitalize on the momentous occasion, and they didn’t give it a chance. And ultimately, that’s what a lot of Miami’s problems all season have been. They’re boring. The great play isn’t the last play. It’s the entire three quarters.

The Heat make a good point. The Pacers won the first meeting. OKC won the second meeting. But they were both great games. In the first meeting, it was the Pacers that got off to a good start, and the Heat won in the paint. In the second meeting, the Heat won in the paint and the Pacers lost at the free throw line. That’s why Miami is good in February, and why the Pacers are good in October. The Heat should have won both the first meeting and the second meeting. The reason they didn’t was because they never made themselves relevant. They found a way to lose both in exciting fashion.

To me, this loss has been a microcosm of Miami’s season as a whole. They lost in the first meeting because of a

THE “Network” name and the image in the app icon are severely misleading.

The “Network” name sounds like the network is part of the phone, but in reality, the network is not part of the phone and is merely a.

In summary:

From your screenshot, it looks like the phone supports a symmetric WPA/WPA2/WPA(2) network configuration where we have a Wireless LAN SSID (e.g., “network:12345”) and an “SSID Guest (Hidden)” where the password is stored.

That’s to be expected from my experience with the Verizon HTC EVO 4G LTE. It does not have WEP or WPA security settings on it whatsoever.

I can only imagine that the network you are trying to connect to is a symmetric WPA2/WPA network.

The screenshot may have been taken in the HTC EVO 4G LTE’s wireless network settings. It may have picked up on the default “Network SSID” that was made when you created your network configuration.

If the “Network” name is misleading, then I’m not sure what to call it. It sounds like it may be the BSSID of the wireless network interface’s MAC address. If that were the case, then it wouldn’t sound like it supports WPA/WPA2/WPA(2).

I suspect that the “Network” name is indeed misleading. I would contact the developer/author and ask them for a better name.

Awareness of color contrasts in the perception of the two-color chromatic axis.
Participants were asked to identify the line defined by a two-color chromatic axis, either white-black or green-red. The task was performed in front of and behind a matte gray screen of various levels of luminance. For both white-black and green-red chromatic axes, and at all luminance levels, the identification of the chromatic axis was more accurate when the participants were seated in front of the screen than when they were seated behind it. These findings were interpreted as indicating that color contrasts were not perceived in the colorless visual field, but were linked to the visual stimuli present in the retina.SD launches new platform that taps into global social media

Innovation has sprung up in many local industries in recent years. One sector in particular has seen a wave of innovation in the last