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Scaricare AutoCAD LT 2016 Codice Di Attivazione 64 Bits

I’m using the following Code :
public function get_slideshow($path = “”)
$meta = unserialize(file_get_contents($path));
$slides = getimagesize($path);
return new object($meta, $slides);

The function returns this error
{“error”:”Error in reading file:
/var/www/vhosts/ open() failed: No such file or directory in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 79″}

What I do wrong?


The line
$meta = unserialize(file_get_contents($path));

cannot work because $path is not a file.
I suppose that you have an image path there. The problem is that you did not unserialize an image filename but a serialized object, therefore the image filename is expected but missing.
The hint is the line
echo $meta->slides->filename;

Which shows you the problem filename.
I would also recommend to use a dedicated function to extract all needed information from your serialized object instead of returning a simple object from a function.
If you actually save images with the filename “picture.png” as $meta->slides then you can use
$meta->slides = unserialize(file_get_contents($path));

or if your $path variable contains the expected filename use
$meta->slides = unserialize(file_get_contents($path));

If you do not need the filename as a property of the $meta object then also unserialize should work.


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