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Zooming the UIScrollView

I can’t figure out how to zoom out from the scroll view and show only one image, the other icons at the top and middle still.
//Add scroll view to the content view

scrollView.contentSize = newSize;
scrollView.contentOffset = CGPointMake(0, 0);


You need to resize the scroll view, so if you want your view’s size to be small without zooming, you need to set it’s size to be a small fraction of the scroll view’s size.


Matching querystring with regular expression

Can anyone tell me the correct way of matching and replacing a querystring in javascript. The regular expression that I’m using to match and replace it, will work as long as I give a string with querystring in it. Otherwise it will return a null.
Any help? Thanks


You’re looking for the RegExp object, /((?:\?|&)[^?#]*)=([^#]*)/g
I’ve fiddled with


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My very favorite author of the whole lot is none other than Amy Stewart. She’s famous for her A Taste of Honey, some little steamy romance, and my other favorite, The Naturopathic Chef, which is more of a memoir. Her latest book, Vegetarian America, a very quick read, but the best of the bunch, is as unique as her books and reads like a bestseller.

I just finished reading it, and its definitely an eye-opener. This one is available on Amazon. Some highlights from the book:

“For many Americans, it seems a vegetarian diet was an effective way to meet today’s nutritional recommendations” and quote “the number of vegetarians in the United States has increased to nearly twenty percent of the population.” A sort of large slice of the pie. I did a quick online search, and the numbers are encouraging for us, vegetarian-singles.

“A 1998 Gallup poll found that 30 percent of American women and 24 percent of American men reported eating vegetarian diets.

“Vegetarians may have the edge in their health battle: Only about four percent of Americans say they are following a vegan diet.”

“Vegans, of course, were given something of a bad rap.”

“Around the turn of the century, the name of the game for a lot of Americans was high protein—often to the exclusion of vegetables and fruit—and the leading brand was “Meat-a-mina.”

“The Mediterranean diet once again found itself the subject of much controversy. As recently as 2005, prominent nutritionists still told everyone to eat olive oil, a healthy fat, no more than eight ounces a day.”

Amy, who writes about this in the book, quotes an Iowa State University study and says, “