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The email is sent from ‘’ and ‘’.
There are a few ways you can fix this:

Change the MX record for your Domain
To make sure that incoming email from for example will be forwarded to your server, you need to make sure that the MX records are correct.
If the MX record for your Domain points to a server that runs Exchange Server, you need to change that. If it points to a webmail, you need to change that too.
For a domain, you need to have at least two MX records: (for outgoing mail only)
(or some other server that you control, most webmail and default servers for new email will do) (for outgoing mail only)
(or some other server that you control, most webmail and default servers for new email will do)

This will not stop spam or multiple recipients, but it will still send the email to your server. An attacker can spoof the other address (so you can tell if it is spam or not).
Use a different domain name
Another option is to change your domain name, so that incoming emails that match that domain will go to your server.
For example, if ‘’ is the name of your server, change that server to ‘’. To do that, you need a new DNS A record in your Domain’s DNS zone, pointing to the new server.

So, in your case, change the MX record for to point to and point to, and the MX record for the to point to
You can’t mix the two MX records on the same IP, so you cannot have for everything.
(It is possible to do this setup with other servers on your network, not just Exchange Server; you need to create a new server that mimics the functionality of Exchange Server and has the same IPs. You also

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