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how to get data from an external URL?

I am very new to Python. I have this project that requires me to get some data from an external URL. I need to parse the XML data from the external URL and store it in a string and then print it. Here is what I have so far.
the_page = urllib.urlopen(url)
print (

I would like for the print statement to simply print out the XML file I am pulling from How do I do this?
Thank you


Read your XML file and then write the data to a buffer variable. Then when you are done with that write the data to the file.
import urllib2

xml_data = None

url = ”
the_page = urllib2.urlopen(url)

# Read your XML file into a string
xml_data =

# Write the XML data to a file
with open(“filename.txt”, “w”) as f:

print xml_data

Question: I recently bought a 2014 NOOK for my wife that, like my Nook, she had had since it came out several years ago. I checked the software it came with and decided to wipe it and reload to a system that I had bought. I did this via the box that came with the unit. It took over 24 hours to reload the new OS. My question is, how can I do this faster? Both the Nook and the Win 7 system were connected to the internet

When you say “box that came with the unit”, do you mean the Nook that she had “purchased”? Is that the box of the Nook she bought several years ago? Do you mean that you did it to the Nook she has now