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Huobi’s fees are the lowest of all major exchanges.

According to our calculations, fees per trade on Huobi China are about 40 percent lower than on exchanges like Binance, Bittrex and Bitfinex. Prices on Huobi China are also the most stable among the three largest exchanges, with a two-week in-depth analysis found that prices between Huobi and Bitfinex fluctuated less than 5 percent in the last two weeks.

Huobi has now overtaken GDAX as the world’s third largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of daily traded volume, after Binance and OKEx. In the last 24 hours, trading on Huobi exceeded $1 billion worth of cryptocurrency, which is a record for the exchange.

The lower fees on Huobi China aren’t merely the result of the fact that the exchange is smaller. U.S. exchange Coinbase offers low fees, but its volumes and liquidity are far less than those of Huobi.

China exchanges have an advantage over international exchanges because Chinese traders demand as low of fees as possible, particularly because of the country’s strict capital controls.

Since Huobi’s inception in 2013, it has maintained the lowest fees among the major exchanges. In all

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Possible to set a relative position on the page so that the overflow page is always shown?

I am writing a presentation in LaTeX, and I am having a problem with the page numbers. (A) I want to add the page numbers dynamically, which is easy.
I want (B) the page numbers to appear on top of the page, just like the header.
I want (C) the page numbers to overlap with the page numberbar.
Finally, I want (D) for the page numbers to always be on top, even when printing (and make the user able to navigate to the next and previous pages).
I found here a class which could be used to achieve (A) and (D), but I could not make it to be invisible. This is what I have in the preamble: