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. document-management-system-mac) comes with the following new features: .. It makes its features accessible to anyone who is willing to put in the. flat, and it is a vector-based. the screen” file was written on.

Unless you’re using some other network protocol, the result is byte sequences of bytes, not alphabetically ordered sequences of words.

Makes sense.
But I don’t think you’re understanding what words has to do with compression. If your result is a byte stream, it’s totally fine to compress that stream and convert it to a stream of words.
By sending your result to another machine that wants a stream of words, you are lost.
That’s one of the problems with your approach, so don’t use it. You can’t do it. If you try, you will fail.
If you can’t do this, then the compression doesn’t do anything for you.

So, don’t do it.
I’m also going to assume that you’re not doing this in a language that does not have good support for “UTF-8 friendly” strings.
That means that any sequence of bytes that represents a characters in the range \u0000 to \u007F is going to be acceptable.
In this implementation, you get to choose that range.
That’s the most flexible you can possibly get.
There are also utf-32 and utf-32be encodings.
The utf-32be encoding uses one extra byte with a value of 1.
This one byte turns utf-32 into utf-32be.

You can use either of those.
I’m going to assume that you’re using UTF-8.

Also, this program uses the UTF-8 “legacy coding” from before the ucs2 change in Python 3.
It turns out that using the older UTF-8 can actually be a good thing.
Encoding without that change produces longer strings.

This is all covered in chapter 3 of the book

Note that I wrote this entire answer without reading chapter 3.


To answer your original question, a string is just an array of bytes. Any byte that appears more than once in the string means that this is the start of a new string. It would be a bit of work to store the strings, I suppose, but it would be possible.
Basically, you’d

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