Asterix And Obelix Movie In Hindi Download

Asterix And Obelix Movie In Hindi Download

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Asterix And Obelix Movie In Hindi Download

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Get parent type object from recordset object

I have a query that returns a recordset. Here is the code to load it into a local variable and then query against the database:
Set rstDoc = Me.SQL.OpenRecordset(dbOpenSnapshot, dbOpenRead)

I know I can query for an object in the recordset by going

However, what I really want to do is query for the parent type of that object.
So I can pass that into a DB connection like this:
Dim strConnect As String
strConnect = “myconnectionstring”
Dim strCommand As String
strCommand = “SELECT * FROM ” & rstDoc.Fields!ParentTable.Value & ” ”

Any suggestions on how to go about this?


The easiest way is to loop through the columns of the first row of the recordset, and get the object of the current column. Something like this:
Dim rstDoc As Recordset
Set rstDoc = Me.SQL.OpenRecordset(dbOpenSnapshot, dbOpenRead)
Dim iColumn As Integer
iColumn = 1

Do While Not rstDoc.EOF
Set obj = rstDoc.Fields(iColumn).Value
‘process obj
iColumn = iColumn