Aqw Level Up Hack V20 24


Aqw Level Up Hack V20 24

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Aqw Level Up Hack V20 24
aquaview9ls aquila pro –> aquilapro aqw fr. q20 –> bbccq20 bbcc v20 –> bbccv20 bc 1 –> bc1 bc 1000 –> bc1000 bc 12By RICARDO CASTILLO

The National Comptroller and auditors (CNBLV), Eugenio Hernández, was appointed as acting governor at the moment of Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) oath-taking ceremony on Saturday at the National Palace.

Other CNBLV nominees who were recently chosen, but who did not take an oath of office, were César Nava Guevara, René Miguel Torres y, Jesús Moreno Castro and Adán Godoy Chávez.

Those who were designated by López Obrador, some already in their 70s or more, were José Ramón Cossío Chedraui, who was in office in the 1980s, Mario Villanueva Cárdenas and Silvano Aureoles Llanos.

The oath-taking ceremony was attended by hundreds of AMLO’s supporters throughout the day; most of those who had worn the colors of the Green Party (PVEM), the National Action Party (PAN) or the Citizens’ Movement (Morena), or the municipal and state party candidates for the July 2 elections (numerals).

AMLO’s critics, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and its allies, had other reasons for attending the ceremony. The ancillary objective was to declare their opposition to the appointment of Eugenio Hernández, since he belongs to the PRD.

Citizens who had taken the oath of office in the previous government, but from which President Enrique Peña Nieto had ousted them, like Andrés Granier Melo, Mario Villanueva Cárdenas, Silvano Aureoles Llanos, Emilio Gamboa Patrón, Mario Villar Mir and Luis Miguel Ardanuy Hernánd

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